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Monthly Archives: November 2007

As a leading manufacturer, we are committed to innovation and are continually developing new devices to enhance our product choice. These range from new, efficient radio interfaces, strobe driver boxes, Bluetooth modules and cost-effective headsets. Our goal is to provide efficient and affordable solutions to pilots, students and instructors in the sports aviation field; supplementing advances in micro-aviation technology. On this page you will find our latest company news and product launch information. To speak to one of our advisers, please call us on +44 (0) 1332 880 468, or send an email to

  1. New Product - November 2007 UL-200

    New Product - November 2007 UL-200

    Stock arriving in early December (pre order).

    MA announce the launch of the new UL-200 ANR & VOX headset. This headset is in addition to the UL-100 headset. The design has been making an extremely quiet intercom. The ANR removes low frequency sound created in aircraft and the VOX removes the unwanted noise from the headset microphone. In all this is an extremely quiet headset. Connectors are as per the

    UL100 and this headset can be used with the radio interface. Compatibility is not a problem, use with either MicroAvionics UL100, Pilot Europe or Lynx Micro System.

    Quote from BMAA instructor Ian Barlow - I can not believe how quiet it is.

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  2. New Product - November 2007

    New Product - November 2007

    MA have designed a new ultra small strobe driver box. The new box is 80mm x 60mm x 50mm, and weighs only 200grams and can power upto three strobe heads. The new design offers significant improvements on the old driver box. The user can select the flash speed, alternating speed and burst pattern, giving a burst of upto five flashes. Strobe brightness can be tripled if required giving an ultra bright flash. See product MM038 for more information.

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