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  • ULM Intercoms

    We supply an advanced range of ULM Intercoms, including radio interfaces, headsets, helmets, cables, radios and accessories. Ou...

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  • Paramotor & SSDR Headsets

    Our range of MicroAvionics headsets for single seat microlights (SSDR) and paramotor aircraft provide market leading performanc...

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  • Gyro Helmets & Headsets

    Our MicroAvionics range of specialist gyrocopter helmets and headsets are among the best quality products in the industry. With...

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  • GA Headsets & Intercoms

    We stock an advanced range of GA headsets for closed or open cockpit aircraft. Each headset can be used in conjunction with any...

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  • Helmets & Visors

    We offer a wide range of robust helmets, purposefully designed for open cockpit flying. Our helmets are strong and lightweight,...

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  • Strobe Lights

    Our range of ultra-bright MicroAvionics strobe lights provide clear air to air visibility for all types of lightweight sports a...

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  • Antennas

    We supply a bespoke range of antennas to suit all types of microlight, gyrocopter and open cockpit sports aircraft. Manufacture...

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  • Radios

    Our reliable range of high performance sports transceivers offer exceptional value for money to sports pilots, students and ins...

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