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Just a line to say thanks for the fantastic service in repairing my helmet headset. So rare these days to find a company that really understands the concept of customer care.
Many thanks

Many thanks. That has to be the fastest turn-around on record.
All the best,

Hello John.
Today I received a parcel from you with adapters ММ0016. And quick to test complete with ММ005. The sound is very clean and high quality. This is what I need. Thank you for your patience and well-made adapters.

With respect. P.A.

Thanks John, you by far the most efficient of our suppliers, I wish I could sell more !

I've used my MA helmet/headset with the modified linking adapter during my last two lessons. Both times it worked great (even better than flying with a club headset). FYI: one instructor uses a Flycom helmet/headset, while the other instructor uses a Alphatec headset. And both my instructors were impressed by the build quality of the gear and the quality of the sound.

Thanks a lot for the excellent service and the high quality products. As soon as I'm allowed to fly with a passenger I'll buy another MA headset.

Kind regards,

Larry got the new PTT and worked perfectly fine right out of the box ... so all working!!! He is very grateful for the great service.


That’s great feedback, thank you for your time and I’ll certainly pass this customer direct to you with a glowing review of how helpful you’ve been. Perhaps this fellow might be interested in being that case study! : )
Thanks again, hopefully meet you at a show sometime!
Kind Regards,

I tested the new helmets yesterday in flight.It was so beautiful.Clear sound and very good visibility.
Thanks a lot.

Many thanks for sending out the washers and nuts for my helmet.

Please see attached confirmation of a small donation to your local air ambulance as a gesture of my thanks for your generous and attentive customer care.

On a separate note I have just returned to flying having had a 7 year break.  Previously I had been a user of Lynx products.  Through the re-validation process and now recent purchase of a microlight, I have been using your products and am very impressed.  They are in my opinion much, much better than my previous equipment and when I need new headsets / helmets in the future I will definitely be buying Microavionics.

Thanks again for your attention

Kind regards


Thank you for the prompt and positive response: it is certainly appreciated.

I will also take this opportunity complement you on both your products performance and the after sales service provided by yourself and Mendelssohns here in Australia: it has been very good. As a result, we have been recommending your product to others whenever the opportunity arises.


Thank you for your advice. Midland G7 it is then!
By the way that MP001 headset is great, I even wear it without connecting it to a radio because of the noise isolation (paramotor).
Many thanks,

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